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Kasita Packs Big Home-Automation Punch in Itty Bitty Tiny House at SXSW

Kasita combines the tiny house and smart home with RTI control, Lutron lighting, Sonos, Origin Acoustics, DoorBird, Amazon Dot and more at SXSW. RTI home automation, Lutron lighting controls, Origin Acoustics loudspeakers, DoorBird smart doorbell, sound by Sonos, voice control through Amazon Alexa … all of this smart-home technology and more is packed in a […]


What Are The Benefits Of Total Home Control?

What are the benefits of Total Home Control? With total home control you can do the following: 1. Add Convenience to your daily life. With a total home control system, you can turn on your lights on and adjust your shades to whatever specific level you want, in your favorite room, or throughout your whole […]


What Is Total Home Control?

What is total home control? Total home control is the ability to adjust lights, shades, and temperature in a single room or throughout your whole house, condo, townhome or even your apartment. With Premier Lighting Solutions, we provide total home control. You can adjust the amount of daylight with electronically controlled shades and drapes, electric […]


What is a Smart Home?

    What is a Smart Home? Smart homes merge you and your family’s lifestyle with the latest technology & energy management tools. What is the end result?  An easier life! Imagine Controlling your lighting, temperature, automated blinds & shades, security systems, indoor and outdoor cameras, TVs, and appliances from any location. Using your smartphone, […]


Inside NFL Green Bay Packers Hall-of-Famer Nick Collins’ Smart Home

After sustaining a neck injury and retiring from the NFL’s Green Bay Packers at the age of 28, All-American Safety Nick Collins returned to his home state of Florida with his wife and children to begin the next stage of his career as a personal trainer. When Nick and Andrea Collins began building their all-new […]


Condo Gets Outfitted with Automated Cutting-Edge Electronic Systems

At a retrofit installation in Little Rock, Ark., residents were looking to implement a solution that would provide their 2,430-square-foot condo with a customized automation experience where scenes could automatically adjust systems such as lighting, security, shading, and a wide range of A/V components. To bring this vision to life, the home systems integration team […]


The Thoughtful Home

Your home keeps you safe, warm, comfortable, But what if it could do more? What if it knew you? And what you liked? Imagine if it could help you. If it could take care of things for you. Turn down the heat. Turn on the lights. Adjust your blinds and shades. View your home while […]


How my new daughter totally justified blowing $1,000 on smart home tech

This is June Elise Hollister. She’s two months old, and she’s the love of my life. She’s also the reason my home — my lights, thermostat, TV and video-streaming gadgets — now responds to my voice. I don’t have to set June down and risk waking her up if I want to dim the lights, […]


Turn Your Dumb Air Conditioner into a Smart Device

You’ve been away all day and the temperature shot up from a cool 55 in the morning to 90 degrees mid-afternoon. You’re sure that your apartment is sweltering and will feel like a hot house as you step inside after the long commute from work. With a new product from Nature Inc., you can raise […]

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