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As Total Smart Home Experts We Offer The Following Services:

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    • Home Automation(Smart Homes): We are Dallas/Forth Worth home automation experts! Your entire home can operate automatically when you setup your smart home properly. This includes control of lighting, temperature, entertainment components, and automated blinds and shades.
    • Lighting Controls: We are a certified and trained Lutron Radio RA2 and Caseta Dallas/Forth Worth dealer. Turn your "standard dimmers" into "smart dimmers". The cost is not much more than installation of a regular dimmer or lighting switch. We have total custom options or standard (9 out 10 households can afford). Imagine integrating your lighting in your home with voice by Amazon Alexa or Dot? With our systems you can turn lights on or off and dim or brighten them anywhere, inside or outside your home without running any NEW WIRES!
    • Lighting Design: There are some important questions that should be considered when planning a new project, specifically: Is "good" illumination important to your project? What is good lighting design and how is it achieved? With over 23 years in the lighting industry, we have the training and experience to help you answer these questions with our team. We help you determine how many lumens you need for a certain area, and why color temperature(Kelvin) is importance in your lighting decisions. 
    • Energy Management: We are a certified and trained NEST and Ecobee Dallas/Forth dealer. With our "Smart Thermostats" you can control everything from comfort to cost. Set your thermostat by occupancy or on a time schedule. Control and monitor your WIFI connected NEST or Ecobee thermostat from your phone, tablet or computer. This is much more than a programmable thermostat. This is a "smart thermostat!" Average 23% savings annually on your heating and cooling system!
    • Video Surveillance (Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras): We are a NEST camera and Lux video surveillance Dallas/Forth Worth dealer. Our systems our designed to help you look after your home and family-even when you are away. Imagine using your phone and even your family's phones -to know when you're away. We also offer 24/7 live streaming, advance Night vision, and motion and sound alerts.
    • Automated Blinds or Shades: As a Lutron certified Serena shades Dallas/Forth Worth dealer, we have solutions. You probably think of shades as a design element. Add automation to them, though, and they become a functional element. With the press of a button, you can lower shades so they block glare, creating a more comfortable room. Perfect for those hard to reach windows such a foyers.
    • TV Mounting Installation: We are Dallas/Forth Worth TV Mounting experts. This includes mounting your tv to the wall, bundling your wires and connecting your components. We offer custom wire concealment. You may provide your own mount or purchase one from us.

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